Mindustries deals Dimensions Part 2You dug the darkness, now here's the sequel. Mindustries deals Dimensions Part 2! The follow-up you knew you had coming. More atmosphere, more dirt, more kicks. More Mindustries!

Keep the adrenaline pumping with the second installment of the Dimensions series by Mindustries. Impact times two! As challenged by unwritten laws, Part 2 continues the never-ending debate if sequels can top the original. We'll let you decide. If you dare!

Available today on most dance platforms !
Mindustries - Dimensions pt.2
Dimensions pt.2
"You dug the darkness, now here's the sequel. Mindustries deals..."

 Wavolizer - Forecast EP
Forecast EP
"This just in, Wavolizer releases a brand new two-tracker on The..."

 Densha Crisis - Disfunctional Pattern
Disfunctional Pattern
"With the light of day in sight, Densha Crisis continues to taunt..."

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Wavolizer delivers hardcore sunshineThis just in, Wavolizer releases a brand new two-tracker on The Third Movement. Forecast by Wavolizer, a demonstration of hardcore skill. An exercise in distortion.

Heck, like a moody late summer storm, these beats flash and thunder at one moment and poor rain the very next. Scary? Nothing less. Nothing stand between you and this hard-hitting EP, so take the risk and fall. Deep into the pits of hardcore.
The Forecast? How about sunny, with a chance of go f#ck yourself. With regards, Wavolizer.

Out now on the best download platforms.


Densha Crisis is out to disruptWith the light of day in sight, Densha Crisis continues to taunt the damned. Bringing a mixture of steady kicks and considerable distortion to the table, this is the Disfunctional Pattern EP!

As patterns mix and merge, Densha Crisis has created a pure and dark form of decay. Disfunctional Pattern is the epic of malfunction, the acoustic of industrial hardcore. A sound you've got to appreciate!

Out now on Bandcamp and more !


Promo’s Protest number 2 is hereThe new age is about to go down and you’re witnessing it first hand! Promo’s Protest number 2 is here, ready to break free in all its hardcore glory. Let the revolt continue!

Bless hardcore for all its diversity. So take that inspiration and charge. From behind the keys in the studio to the pit on the dance-floor. This battle is everywhere and Protest #002 is jam-packed to feed the anger. Now, attack!

Grab it on your favourite download store now !


N-Vitral is Louder than a Bomb !A hint of raw, a dash of melody, a pinch of punk and a whole lot of N-Vitral. This is Louder Than A Bomb! The much anticipated hardcore album by N-Vitral. Hear those alarms? Now watch out for impact!

Hard work has taken its final shape. Taken shape in the form of the explosive device we've come to fear and love. Now unleash the rage! This is fury in all kind of shapes and forms. Prepared with care by the uncrowned king of the loudness war. And royalty it is, as N-Vitral is in good company. In order of appearance: Delete, MC Mike Redman, Project Omeaga, Angerfist, I:Gor, Sei2ure, Dither, Warface, Promo, Triax, Ophidian, Thrasher, The Outside Agency and Aux Raus. No salt needed, these beats are tasty straight out of the package. So get those feet moving and enjoy the impact!

Yes, the rumours are true. Hardcore is Louder Than A Bomb! And what better way to demonstrate than with these heavy-duty weapons. Delivered in style by your favorites arms dealer, N-Vitral. So spread the warning and get those bombs bursting!

Physical copies have already sold out in pre-order but you can still purchase it as a digital download on most portals.