It's true what they say about sequels: everything's bigger and better! As
proves by presenting his second EP at The Third Movement: Hardmony! The delicate balance between good and evil, soft and loud, subtle goose bumps and bone wrecking drums.
Nothing short of total impact, these 2 hardcore tracks have been produced into perfection to deliver energy, euphoria and pure audio ecstasy. En Español! So expect some passion in melodic form. The breakdown in 'Hardmony' is sure to capture that nightly atmosphere, feeling completely in tune with the crowd. 'Immune' takes a different approach to boosting rave morale. A bit rougher, a bit more loco: pumping beats through-out the track, bridging the gap between stopping for a drink at the bar and dancing your fucking ass off.
outdid himself with the Hardmony EP, and now it's up to the speakers to take this sweet punishment. Let 'em bang!

1. Omi - Hardmony
2. Omi - Immune

T3RDM0190 | release date: april, 2012 | format: 12inch
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The Third MovementA movement is never recognized by its members... only by its victims. Founded in 2000, The Third Movement represents fresh and original music without any artists concession. Each artists' unique vision of music are combined together creating a diverse and quality record label. The Third Movement will encompass the future with strong determination to rise further, engraving an even deeper groove into the path of innovative music.
Bassdrop EP
Penta - Bassdrop EP
World in distress
DJIPE - World in distress
Rhythm's a drug
The DJ Producer - Rhythm's a drug
Here it comes
eDUB - Here it comes
Catscan - Classics
LTAB Remix EP - Part 1
N-Vitral - LTAB Remix EP - Part 1
Thunder In My Heart
Promo - Thunder In My Heart
Take your own path
D-Passion - Take your own path
Dimensions pt.2
Mindustries - Dimensions pt.2
Forecast EP
Wavolizer - Forecast EP
Disfunctional Pattern
Densha Crisis - Disfunctional Pattern
Louder than a Bomb
N-Vitral - Louder than a Bomb
Dimensions pt.1
Mindustries - Dimensions pt.1
God's Justice
The Empire - God's Justice
DJIPE - People=Pigs
War Crimes EP
Penta - War Crimes EP
The Ultimate Statement (Hardshock Festival 2016 Anthem)
N-Vitral - The Ultimate Statement (Hardshock Festival 2016 Anthem)
Hardshock Festival 2016 Compilation
mixed by Promo & Tripped
V/A - Hardshock Festival 2016 Compilation mixed by Promo & Tripped
Welcome 2 Brokenland
Broken Minds - Welcome 2 Brokenland
Disfunction EP
Sei2ure - Disfunction EP
Comin' through raw
D-Passion - Comin' through raw
Better Sorry Than Safe EP
Wavolizer - Better Sorry Than Safe EP
Sick Bass EP
Deathmachine - Sick Bass EP
Entropy EP
OMI - Entropy EP
Crispy Bassdrum EP
N-Vitral - Crispy Bassdrum EP
Tertius EP
The Wishmaster - Tertius EP
Reject Religion EP
DJIPE - Reject Religion EP
D-Passion - Resurrection
We Want Action
Broken Minds - We Want Action
Stormrage EP
Penta - Stormrage EP
Collaborations Part 2
N-Vitral - Collaborations Part 2
Different things EP
Wavolizer - Different things EP
Core Differentials EP
DJIPE - Core Differentials EP
Iron Throne
The Empire - Iron Throne
The DJ Producer - Revise_Deploy_Annihilate
The Future Life EP
OMI - The Future Life EP
Secundus EP
The Wishmaster - Secundus EP
Agnus Sanctus
Undercore - Agnus Sanctus
Men on a mission EP
Terminal & Vavaculo - Men on a mission EP
Noir Core EP
Densha Crisis - Noir Core EP
Maximum Bass
D-Passion - Maximum Bass
Collaborations Part 1
N-Vitral - Collaborations Part 1
Engines of Re-Creation
Deathmachine - Engines of Re-Creation
The Prophet
The Empire - The Prophet
Primus EP
The Wishmaster - Primus EP
The Sicko Cell EP
N-Vitral - The Sicko Cell EP
Hardshock Festival 2014 Compilation
mixed by Ophidian, D-Passion & Sandy Warez
V/A - Hardshock Festival 2014 Compilation mixed by Ophidian, D-Passion & Sandy Warez
Eternally Dark (Hardshock Festival 2014 Anthem)
Promo - Eternally Dark (Hardshock Festival 2014 Anthem)
Back to Hell
D-Passion - Back to Hell
Engines of Creation
Deathmachine - Engines of Creation
Already dead
AK Industry - Already dead
Undercore - Legend
Minds in Motion
Mindustries - Minds in Motion
In the Quest
OMI - In the Quest
D-Passion - Devil
The Difference Machine
N-Vitral - The Difference Machine
Hatebusters - Hardcelona
Journeys never end
The DJ Producer - Journeys never end
Bite this
Lost Origin - Bite this
Disease EP
The Wishmaster - Disease EP
Born out of Resistance
V/A - Born out of Resistance
They got steel
Matt Green & Tripped - They got steel
The Empire - Ambush
Thirteen upon mankind
Armageddon Project - Thirteen upon mankind
Electro Violence
Frame of Mind - Electro Violence
Dropping beats
Ruffryder - Dropping beats
Dispel the darkness
D-Passion - Dispel the darkness
AK Industry - Monster
True Tones (vinyl sampler)
Promo - True Tones (vinyl sampler)
True Tones
Promo - True Tones
Omi - Hardmony
Kling Klong
N-Vitral - Kling Klong
The Wishmaster - Pandemonium
Jessica Alba
Frame of Mind - Jessica Alba
Descendants of light
The Empire - Descendants of light
The Therapy EP
Mindustries - The Therapy EP
Mind your own business
Ruffryder - Mind your own business
Violate / Pride
D-Passion - Violate / Pride
Fuck God
Igneon System - Fuck God
Swamp Rat
Void Settler - Swamp Rat
Omi - Mythology
No Hell no Dignity
Armageddon Project - No Hell no Dignity
The Wishmaster - Cyberpunk
Deathmachine - Synapsids
Different Frequencies
D-Passion - Different Frequencies
Frame of Mind - Digoxin
The Resistance E.P.
Mindustries - The Resistance E.P.
The Revolution
The Wishmaster - The Revolution
Done Talking
D-Passion - Done Talking
TTMXY of Music
Various - TTMXY of Music
I audioassault U
N-Vitral - I audioassault U
Concrete Combat
Promo - Concrete Combat
Ugly Warez
Sandy Warez - Ugly Warez
Knocking walls down
D-Passion - Knocking walls down
Real Rude
The Wishmaster & Promo - Real Rude
Theta Break
Life:::Runs:::Red - Theta Break
N-Vitral - Q/B
Attack (remixes)
Unexist - Attack (remixes)
10 Non-stop Peaky Hits
Peaky Pounder - 10 Non-stop Peaky Hits
Data recovery
D-Passion - Data recovery
The Pro E.P. II
Promo & The DJ Producer - The Pro E.P. II
Promo Gold .03
Promo - Promo Gold .03
Silence surrounds me
The Wishmaster - Silence surrounds me
D-Passion - Infection
The worst of 2
Promo - The worst of 2
The anti-citizen
Hellfish - The anti-citizen
Back forever
The Wishmaster - Back forever
Battling ignorance
Promo - Battling ignorance
Peaky Pounder - Nervo
Gangster mentality
T-Junction & Alex B - Gangster mentality
The collabs
D-Passion - The collabs
Problematic frequency
The DJ Producer - Problematic frequency
Promo Gold .02
Promo - Promo Gold .02
N-Vitral - Bonck
D-Passion - Unstoppable
Thunderdome 2007 Anthem EP
V/A - Thunderdome 2007 Anthem EP
DEDICAT3D - A history lesson
The DJ Producer - DEDICAT3D - A history lesson
The Pro E.P.
Promo & The DJ Producer - The Pro E.P.
Global warning
Sandy Warez - Global warning
Livin' the hard life
T-Junction & Osiris - Livin' the hard life
Peaky Pounder - Positiivista
Promo Gold .01
Promo - Promo Gold .01
We do not lose
Matt Green - We do not lose
Breaks the unbreakable
The DJ Producer - Breaks the unbreakable
N-Vitral - Klusterfuk
The Resistance below DVD
Promo - The Resistance below DVD
Emphasis - Versatile
Micron - Superhuman
World's greatest project
Promo feat. MC Ruffian - World's greatest project
E-Man - E-Machine
The revolutionist II
Promo - The revolutionist II
Kill the beat
Sandy Warez - Kill the beat
Six years of dedication
Various - Six years of dedication
Peaky Pounder - Kippis!
The revolutionist
Promo - The revolutionist
The revolutionist - vinyl
Promo - The revolutionist - vinyl
None follows the sunrise EP
Void Settler - None follows the sunrise EP
None follows the sunrise
Void Settler - None follows the sunrise
Diamonds for the pigs
Armageddon Project & Promo - Diamonds for the pigs
The Larvae
Dep Affect - The Larvae
Peaky Pounder - Viimeinen
Perfer et obdura...
Armageddon Project - Perfer et obdura...
Put things right
D-Passion - Put things right
Unexist - Smash
Hectic Fence - Blackmailing
The world of noise
Sandy Warez - The world of noise
Moment of silence
Lenny Dee & Missflower - Moment of silence
Nasty Girl
Lady Dana & Alex B - Nasty Girl
The Missing Chromosome
Promo & Unexist - The Missing Chromosome
Wake up and become
D-Passion - Wake up and become
N-Vitral - Decadence
Daisy - Sacrum
The rise and fall
T-Junction - The rise and fall
Audio Output Three
Various - Audio Output Three
Peaky Pounder - Tarkeaa
Confusion in my mind
Micron - Confusion in my mind
Doomsday Mechaniks
The DJ Producer - Doomsday Mechaniks
Grass eating milk machine
Xaphan - Grass eating milk machine
Void Settler - Annul
Towards a new deconstruction
Armageddon Project - Towards a new deconstruction
Machine Breakdown
Moleculez - Machine Breakdown
God don't care about me
D-Passion - God don't care about me
Peaky Pounder - Pidikkeen
Audio Output Two
Various - Audio Output Two
Unexist will break your face
Unexist - Unexist will break your face
Destroy all humans
Osiris - Destroy all humans
N-Vitral - Smocgh
Outblast & Catscan - Stampgevaar
I called you
Lenny Dee & Missflower - I called you
Fuck the free world
D-Passion - Fuck the free world
La Haine
Catscan & X-ess - La Haine
The Killing fields 2
Promo & B. Acardy - The Killing fields 2
Peaky Pounder - Fasttalking
Pressure on the fakes + My empty bottle
Promo & Korsakoff - Pressure on the fakes + My empty bottle
Deceive the world to rule the planet
Void Settler & Labyrinth - Deceive the world to rule the planet
Design the future
Various - Design the future
Audio Output One
Various - Audio Output One
D-Passion & T-Junction - Exposure
Ladies first
Lady Dana & Promo - Ladies first
Lyin' through your teeth
DJ Vince & DJ Adrien - Lyin' through your teeth
Peaky Pounder - Hermosto
Message to the Majors + Tamara
Promo & Korsakoff - Message to the Majors + Tamara
Feeding the Demons Breed
Armageddon Project - Feeding the Demons Breed
N-Vitral - XS36
The Worst of
Promo - The Worst of
Hurricane Brain
Promo & Korsakoff - Hurricane Brain
Phreak ya speaka
Promo & Beast machine - Phreak ya speaka

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Promo TestOpen up the lab and get started. This is Promo Test! A sub-label dedicated to hardcore and its future. So experiment and evaluate. Let’s get back to being creative.
The new age
Promo - The new age
The vow
Promo - The vow

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Industrial Movement Toggle
Industrial MovementPromo & Lenny Dee together enhanced their visions of hard electronic music and created the label 'Industrial Movement'. Launched in October 2004, each release on this label represents originality, no boundaries, a rough feeling and dark expression. Industrial Movement intends to raise the standard of musical excellence.

Label website: /industrialmovement
Deathmachine - Descent
We who don't exist
Dep Affect - We who don't exist
Put your back into it
Broken rules - Put your back into it
Twist your brain
D-Passion - Twist your brain
Pigs de resistance
Electronic Pig - Pigs de resistance
Cyclic pulsation
Murmure - Cyclic pulsation
Evolution 4 A.M.
life_Runs_Red - Evolution 4 A.M.
Notorious P.I.G.
Electronic pig - Notorious P.I.G.
Dep Affect - Hypersensitive
For a Master
Acrosome - For a Master
Hexadecimal bad mood
Life::::runs::::red - Hexadecimal bad mood
Terrorfakt - Spineless
Kind of rude
D-Passion - Kind of rude

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Stealth Industries Toggle
Stealth IndustriesBeing lead by Tommy Pulse is the sub-label 'Stealth Industries'. In the first years of its existence, STIND gained a respective position within the hard dance scene. Alongside its energetic and rhythmic compositions, each release boosts deceptive and uplifting melodies. Providing anthems for events as well as staying true to its hard dance roots, each Stealth Industries release brings a fresh vibe to the dance floor.
Cluster 02
Tommy Pulse - Cluster 02
The messiah
Tommy Pulse - The messiah
Cluster 01
Tommy Pulse - Cluster 01
Poison / Forever
Fausto & Tommy Pulse - Poison / Forever
Rammelpot / Outlaw
Tommy Pulse & Fausto - Rammelpot / Outlaw
Tommy Pulse - Walhalla
Tommy Pulse & Trojan.exe - Creep
Techno riot
Tommy Pulse - Techno riot
Ghost town
Tommy Pulse - Ghost town
Land of the lost
Tommy Pulse - Land of the lost
Calling God
Tommy Pulse & Savage - Calling God
The Answer
Tommy Pulse - The Answer
Machine Man
Tommy Pulse & Temper Temper - Machine Man
Land of the lost
Tommy Pulse & Temper Temper - Land of the lost
Tommy Pulse & Temper Temper - Anger
Cold Days
Tommy Pulse & Temper Temper - Cold Days

Men In Motion Toggle
Men In MotionThe Third Movements close grasp and passion for techno music, resulted in the sublabel Men In Motion (MIM), launched in November 2003. Focusing on the rhythmic aspects of electronic music, Men In Motion delivers high powered quality hard techno. Produced by both reputable and new Artists, each MIM release offers a new chapter for the always dynamic techno scene.

Label website: /meninmotion
MIM All-Stars EP
Various - MIM All-Stars EP
Dead Rhythms
X-Tension - Dead Rhythms
Abstract dancin'
Broken rules - Abstract dancin'
Scratching nails on a black board
Jeff Amadeus & Pounding Grooves - Scratching nails on a black board
The guy next door E.P.
Jamie Ball - The guy next door E.P.
Hectic Fence - NESTOR
Lost on Mars
Kay D Smith - Lost on Mars
XT: Series
J. Lindenthal & R. Russino - XT: Series
Ramon's visit
Minimal 421 - Ramon's visit
Westwood Bros & Innerdrive - Reizhusten
Neon Pusher
Kay D. Smith & Alex K. Katz - Neon Pusher

Danamite Toggle
DanamiteDana is a dominator of the hard dance scene in The Netherlands for as long as we can all remember. Her musical past was empowered with hardcore, techno, and hardstyle. Interpretation of these styles is her and Danamite records fuel for the future. Danamite represents a crossover of different genres in the area of hard dance music, all with a rough feminine touch.

Label website: /danamite
Don't fake the funk
Dana - Don't fake the funk
Dana - Ultrasonic
Mental Breakdown
The Playboyz - Mental Breakdown
Album sampler
Dana - Album sampler
Dana - Mash
Fresh new beat
D-Block & S-te-Fan - Fresh new beat
Catch my drift
Dana - Catch my drift
Back in time
Dana - Back in time
Dana - Restyled
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Catscan LTD Toggle
Catscan LTDIn 2001 Catscan (Bart Kok) started up his sub-label 'Catscan LTD'. Under the flag of Third Movement Catscan LTD released a series of vinyl and Catscans' first album. At the time of its introduction this series made a large and positive impact on the terrain of Hardcore. Covering both new interpretations of melody yet still keeping the crowds moving, the early Catscan LTD releases still provoke vinyl collectors.
Be unforgettable - Catscan Ltd. 5
Catscan - Be unforgettable - Catscan Ltd. 5
The world is mine - album CD
Catscan - The world is mine - album CD
The World is Mine - Ltd.0004
Catscan - The World is Mine - Ltd.0004
My region - Catscan 003
Catscan - My region - Catscan 003
Finishing profiles - Catscan 002
Catscan - Finishing profiles - Catscan 002
Capture in distress - Catscan 001
Catscan - Capture in distress - Catscan 001