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A short introduction to The Outside Agency. Who are you guys?
Noël Wessels and Frank Nitzinsky. We could speak at length about who we are, but what it comes down to is that we're really just two dudes trying to have a good time. Not necessarily always together. When we're not having a good time we make electronic dance music and perform as DJs. Sometimes we also have a good time while making electronic dance or performing as DJs. When that happens it's called an extra good time.

Where did you guys meet each other?
We met sitting opposite of each other in the living room of a friend's parents in 1991. We were both into making hardcore, and we thought we were all alone in doing so. At least where we were living, anyway. Some mutual friends thought it would be best for us to meet so we wouldn't be so lonely.

How would you describe the music (genre) TOA makes?
We get asked this question a lot and we're quite happy about that, too. We aim to make hardcore in the broadest sense of the term so that it becomes hard for people to dump us into one single genre. We can have fun with any tempo and almost all incarnations of hardcore with the notable exception of tokkiecore and sing-a-long mainstream. That sounds really complicated. Let's just say dark hardcore and crossbreed.

How does TOA get inspired?
We literally draw inspiration from everything. Life motivates us. It can be anything ranging from a sound, a book, a person, food or the rhythm of a moving train to money, fame and the pop charts.

What is the thing you like most while performing?
Frank: I like watching Noël do the Jersey Fist Pump.
Noël: Bitches be dancin', woop woop.

When is a performance most successful?
Frank: A performance is considered successful when we can check at least 80% of the following items off of our list: 1) a minimum of three very loud, lengthy, primal screams from audience, 2) sweaty piece of clothing thrown on stage, 3) dance related injuries, 4) intense bass faces in the front row, 5) one person on the internet saying we ruined everything, 6) same person stayed in room for entire set...

Noël: ...and 7) when we are capable of doing what we set out to do, unhindered by faulty equipment, paranoid stage managers and people who expect us to play tokkiecore and sing-a-long mainstream. What it comes down to is that a performance is successful when the audience is enjoying it.

TOA has already performed at a lot of major events. Are there any events you're looking forward to playing in the future?
First and foremost we'd like to say that the big events are a good time, but that we love playing sweaty venues with 500 capacity and good sound more than anything. We think we've actually played at all the relevant large scale events in the Netherlands. We're currently highly motivated to expand our scope to include more countries. Okay, fuck it.. for the sake of this interview let's say Qlimax.

Can we expect any new releases or any other surprises from you in the near future?
Yes. You can always expect new releases from us. We're mostly working on a lot of material for our own labels at the moment. Genosha 20 and 21 will feature collaborative efforts between us and some of our good friends who also happen to make excellent music. One Seven Five 005 and 006 are solo releases by Switch Technique and Deathmachine, respectively, but we're back in full force for numbers 007 and 008. The remix we did for Do Or Die should come out soon on Independenza and a release we did for Sustained Records is also on the horizon. We're also working on a project for 2011 that's so super big and secret that we can't talk about it. 2011 might also be the year that we finally finish our Fuckin Hostile remix. We're not saying we'll release it straight away, though. But you never know.


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