10 Non-stop Peaky Hits

10 Non-stop Peaky Hits

Peaky Pounder

As seen on radio and TV, '10 Non-stop Peaky Hits'! Brought to you by none other than industrial funk originator Peaky Pounder. Grabbing disco by its 70s blonde bleached looks and distorting the nightclub into post millennium industrial techno dirt! There's only one Peaky, and this album delivers the statement in 10-fold. Fresh and brand new productions, valuable beat by beat assets to any industrial devotee. Beating you eardrums silly with a crunch that lasts a lifetime, the new Peaky Pounder album! Pre-release: Peaky Pounder is working on a shiny new album. This yet untitled collection of industrial funk will be a feast for both your ears and dancing shoes. A different twist? Who knows! The nostalgic studio has been locked down to give Peaky's new tracks a chance to echo before they'll be unleashed. Grab your agendas and mark November 28th as the date to keep an eye on.


01. Anything else matters
02. November pain
03. Under the fridge
04. Una paloma klankkast (1997)
05. Yell low submarine
06. Heaven must be dissing an angel
07. Smells like senior spirit
08. Verdammt ich bleep nicht
09. Billie jeans
10. Viisi (N-Vitral's ultra new super hit version)

T3RDM0160 | format: CD

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