A Matter of Perspective

A Matter of Perspective


Leave your inhibitions at the door. Listen, dance and live A Matter Of Perspective, the album by Wavolizer.

A brand new outline on things breathing Wavolizer's edgy hardcore sound. A Matter Of Perspective is all about changes. A whirlwind of melody, tempo trickery and Wavolizer skill clashing together in the eye of the storm. While everything around you might seem to collapse, remember that destruction is also a form of creation. A case of keeping your head up in dark times, sticking to what you believe and the ability to fight for it. A true definition of hardcore attitude, and these 13 tunes confirm. Featuring co-ops with The Outside Agency, Mindustries, Geck-o & Miss Hysteria, Wavolizer is surrounded by a crew of like-minded hardcore heads that never step away from a challenge. When the situation might seem grim or the noise is just too intense, remember: it's all A Matter Of Perspective!

Wavolizer's album is a distorted document of recordings, a mystical adventure at times. A melee of hard noise and dirt one simply needs to encounter. A Matter Of Perspective by Wavolizer is available as digital release and limited edition CD album. Each featuring custom tracks. So go discover and claim your copy while stock lasts.


01. The Protagonist
02. Brotherhood
03. The Antagonist (feat. The Outside Agency)
04. Control
05. Voices Within (feat. Mindustries)
06. Hard Not To
07. The Internet (feat. Geck-o)
08. Everybody's House
09. Heroes & Villains
10. Fixed (feat. Miss Hysteria)
11. What Happened
12. The Showdown
13. The Protagonist (DJ Version) (bonus)

T3RDM0280 | CD + digital

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