Agnus Sanctus

Agnus Sanctus


Join Undercore as they continue their pilgrimage into the divine with the 'Agnus Sanctus' EP! Face forward towards the sublime, the hardcore dance-floor calls for each and every one of us!

The 'Agnus Sanctus' EP is the gospel of kick-drum and melody, a chorus praising the true religion that is hardcore. Featuring 'Agnus sanctus', 'Never surrender' and 'No God', each track demonstrates the ritual by which Undercore set out to rediscover their faith. Holy in tone and loud in expression, Undercore gives an upbeat demonstration of their melody heavy sound. A hardcore trinity of dance, energy and expression, this faith gives hope and meaning with the only sacrifice being sleep deprivation. A brute rave, deep into the night. With nothing but the silence of infinite darkness to escape. Forged on the dance-floor and perfected in the studio, these tunes surround and dominate.

Featuring a welcome weakness for the keys, Undercore delivers a vital EP full of melody and percussion. A triplet wrapped in kick-drums to silence the void whispering,'Agnus Sanctus' by Undercore. Let there be light!


01. Agnus Sanctus
02. Never Surrender
03. No God

T3RDM0232 | format: digital

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