Already dead

Already dead

AK Industry

The gore is back! 'Already dead', the ill-fated EP by AK Industry delivers all kinds of creations. From bloody kick drums to percussion, it's the Monster remixed!

Unleashing his Frankenstein of a remix, Ophidian took the 'Monster' by surprise. A creature cut up, rearranged and repowered by high voltage can only mean one thing: damage ahead! Driven by the dark, the beast delivers its wrecked kicks without remorse. Black with a twist, darkness and rhythm set to crush. Joining the autopsy is Mindustries, with their interpretation of 'Whitewalkers'. Minds aligned, the plan to divide and conquer results in a thriller of a track. Haunting sounds surrounded by voices and random thoughts of apocalypse. Steady drums, the industrial grind does the trick. The hunt is finished in style by AK Industry himself. 'Already dead' dips into percussion overload to end up at feedback frenzy. With little hints of melody present, big kick drums are guided towards their final doom.

Eerie enough to shock and fierce like a slaughterhouse, 'Already dead' is a solid hardcore release. AK Industry continues the horror with this set of dark creations. Subtle at times, featuring plenty of distortion and kicks for the industrial minded. The warning is out, beware!


01. Monster (Ophidian remix) feat. Billy S.
02. Whitewalkers (Mindustries remix)
03. Already dead

T3RDM0215 | format: digital

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