Among The Damned

Among The Damned

Rude Awakening

Join the lost, the cursed. Those who seek refuge from the false elite. Join Rude Awakening, Among the damned! A rude boy rebel EP featuring massive industrial hardcore tracks. Loud and packing distortion, the grind is ready to get those speakers pumping.

The recipe is as simple as it is effective. Strip a track down to its bare essentials, keep the percussion going and experiment with filters. Add some dangerous side effects to top it off, and you've got yourself a Rude wall of sound. The outspoken 'The owners and the makers', the deep reverb of 'Staalplaat' and the resolute 'Among the damned' deliver the loudest of techno. No need to sugar-coat it, this is Rude Awakening. To end the damnation, 'Stoned (on a drug)' drops a different vibe altogether. Throughout the tune a feeling of imminent catastrophe is present, a vibe that stays throughout. Feeding an appetite for destruction that is never satisfied, this bridge only leads us back to track 1. Repeat!

Among the damned is an EP for the underground. Those who are ready to devour music and destroy daylight. Featuring that uncompromising Rude Awakening sound, layers and layers of deception and a subtle message here and there. Just the way you like it!


01. The Makers And The Owners
02. Staalplaat
03. Among The Damned
04. Stoned (On A Drug)

T3RDM0253 | format: digital

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