Analog Mind In A Digital World

Analog Mind In A Digital World


Taking the warmth of analog and the cool that is underground influence, Promo presents: Analog mind in a digital world! Coming loud as thunder, Promo set forth and multiplied his determination by a legion. Get those drums banging!

Featuring all new work, Promo's will to reinvent shines through. Delivering an expedition from red hot transistors to computer rendered extremities, these tracks are on another level! More than distorted beats, there's a lot to discover between the shapes of sound. Aside Promo's kick-drum blitz, subtle layers of melody, twists and turns have been added to dignify the peak volume hardcore deserves. The Promo sound has received some excellent fine-tuning. From overall force to detailing, these beats are buffed and ready to rock. The analog mind received some boss company in the studio while working on his album. Featuring Ophidian, D-Passion, Minckz, Snowflake and Free-k as well as a pack of strong remixes by N-Vitral, OMI and DJIPE there's more than an earful. Coming strong, this album shakes up the things in need of a shakeup.

The digital world is littered with cracks and corners hiding true gems of sound. And these tracks lay the path to discover. So turn up the volume... That's it, a little higher. Does it say MAX yet? There you go. Now dig in deep and discover Promo's digital world for yourself!

Bigger than the alphabet, `Analog mind in a digital world' by Promo comes packed featuring 32 full-length tracks. The album is available as download and limited 2CD package.


01 Hibernation
02 Oblivion
03 Force of Nature
04 Love Everything About Her Now
05 Unacceptable (feat. Ophidian)
06 Outspoken
07 Brutal
08 Sick Dude
09 Men with Real Power
10 Classick
11 My Bass
12 Buried Alive (feat. Minckz)
13 Beyond the Norm
14 Down with the King
15 Phreak Ya Speaka (N-Vitral Re-Phreak)
16 Een en al Blijheid

01 AM/DW (feat. Snowflake)
02 Analog Guy
03 Cryogenic Soul
04 The Shape of Sound
05 Bassline
06 As Real As They Come
07 Remedy Your Flaws
08 The Wildest Flow
09 Rebel on Another Level (feat. D-Passion)
10 Rip Shit
11 On Their Knees
12 Fading Away (feat. Free-k)
13 Probably Need Mo
14 Airwalker (OMI Remix)
15 Freak to the Core
16 Eradicate (DJIPE Remix)

T3RDM0243 | format: 2CD + digital

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