Artificial Destroyer

Artificial Destroyer


Tap into the Artificial Destroyer EP! DJIPE’s drum apocalypse, bringing the unreal to your daily hardcore dosage.

Step up from the grave and join the revolution. Because after death, all bets are off. Meet your inner zombie and hail to the crew. The midnight mad men, ready to jump and break. Resist A.D.! Don’t we all love a little destruction every now and then? If not, get outta here! Heck, these Shadowcuts kicks will inflict at least a little eardrum misery. Now imagine the hurt at 120 dB. Sounds nice, doesn't it?

Whether your a simulated life-form lacking intelligent emotion or a little sinister devil tailing night’s shadow, the Artificial Destroyer EP is right up your alley. DJIPE knows his way around audio anguish, and this EP’s is the gift that keeps on giving. Ouch!


01. Shadowcuts
02. Resist A.D.

T3RDM0293 | Digital

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