Back to Hell

Back to Hell


Logic defies reason, as D-Passion drops the 'Back to hell' EP. Delivering a hardcore anthem ready to kick-start 2 0 1 4. This one is for all the maniacs out there! Turn up the volume and end this on the dance-floor. Kick it!

Here's 'The reason'. A.k.a. big breakdown, fitted with a strong melody and a hook to kill. Uplifting and loud, this hardcore stomper gets blood pumping. Straight to dance-floor and back, D-Passion delivers the sound. Fitted with sharp edges, steady tempo and bad-ass hardcore kicks, 'Back to hell' is the demonic tune you'd come to expect from D-Passion and Promo. A duo capable of crushing every last bit of sound. And there you have it! Filters up, subs down. Turning faces, preaching the faith that is, The Empire joined the sermon to present his view on 'People of faith'. A D-Passion track perfect for alterations, resulting in a remix layered with more melody than ever. Mainstream bliss, The Empire hits the keys needed to deliver the message. Never shut up, never sit down.

This is where it's at. A glitch, a flash forward of a hardcore future. D-Passion's statement: 'Back to hell'.


01. The Reason
02. Back to Hell (feat. Promo)
03. People of Faith (The Empire remix)

T3RDM0217 | format: digital

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