Better Sorry Than Safe EP

Better Sorry Than Safe EP


There's little room for regret in the latest release by Wavolizer: Better sorry than safe! Note the statement, now listen and let darkness detain the industrial hardcore rhythm.

Christian the Dane is making huge steps in developing his sound. Holding that frosty northern vibe, his views on industrial hardcore are fresh and ever so uplifting. This is dark with a twist, distorted at times and always full of energy. Why not have a little experiment? You know, 'Better sorry than safe'. With nothing to lose, one quickly loses all boundaries. This is 'Forward'. Strobes and fog to surround your head, with the shrieks and howls of a lost memory to entertain your body. A cool tempo change completely changes perspective while keeping the ill-fated vibe in tact. Only forward! So while we're at it, 'Knock yourself out'! Keep those feet moving as the kick-drums have their say. Leave it to 'Seth' to give this EP the closure it deserves. With the tempo up, the combination of percussion and a strong symphonic sound really give this track a push. This team is up for a killing, so spread the tactics and let the confrontation unfold!

Wavolizer's style is both thrilling and unafraid of any practice. And this EP delivers the evidence of such. Industrial hardcore with a twist. So hit that play button on any of the weapons provided and let the Better sorry than safe EP do its magic!


01. Better Sorry Than Safe
02. Forward
03. Knock Yourself Out
04. Seth

T3RDM0250 | format: digital

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