Hectic Fence

Rougher and harder then his previous techno debut, Hectic Fence returns with a new vinyl release to TTM's main label. Still energetic and diverse in nature, Hectic's new release features the awesome 'Blackmailing', a fierce production ready to repeat itself through the clubs. Alongside the two other brand new tracks 'Armed to the teeth' and 'Teenage facelift', this 12 inch is fitted with the hard lined remix of the title track, composed by none other then D-Passion!


A1. Hectic Fence - Blackmailing
A2. Hectic Fence - Blackmailing (D-Passion remix)
B1. Hectic Fence - Armed to the teeth
B2. Hectic Fence - Teenage facelift

T3RDM0078 | format: 12 inch

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