Born out of Resistance

Born out of Resistance


Every movement has a start. Some are born innocent. Others... out of resistance! The Third Movement presents its 200th release: 'Born out of resistance'. An album, a split section view of almost 13 years of forward movement, a trip across styles. A statement!

Featuring 16 brand new tracks by Promo, D-Passion, The DJ Producer, N-Vitral, Mindustries, Igneon System, Deathmachine, Rude Awakening, Sandy Warez, Peaky Pounder, Void Settler and many more this exclusive audio output deserves nothing less than a bicentennial number.

Facing both past and present, the future is not forgotten. Aside The Third Movement's newcomers Ruffryder, The Empire and Frame of Mind, a debut is made by Lost Origin. The birth of these tracks reflects a new hope, a new way of exploring. A hardcore state of intent. Hard and pure throughout, each artist has defined himself and his sound. And it shows, with more styles packed among this hardcore release than ever. Straight on hardcore, broken UK beats, dirty industrial. Layers of loudness and samples packed with revolt.

This is your resistance. Stand out!


01. Promo feat. Minckz - Born out of resistance
02. N-Vitral - Kombat aktion
03. The Dj Producer - Resistance attack mode
04. D-Passion - Taking back our rights
05. Mindustries - Reclaim
06. Igneon System - Mind control
07. Lost Origin - The Collapse
08. Frame of Mind - Hard times
09. Promo & D-Passion - The process
10. Deathmachine - Fighting for a new world
11. Ruffryder - Genuine
12. Peaky Pounder - Sota on ohi
13. The Empire - Tribute
14. Rude Awakening - Rise
15. Sandy Warez - This is war
16. Void Settler - Pressure

T3RDM0200 | format: digital

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