Breaks the unbreakable

Breaks the unbreakable

The DJ Producer

In an attempt to explore and expand the unthinkable, the man producing from UK territory managed to cross the limit: The DJ Producer 'Breaks the unbreakable'! Presenting his unique blend of breaks, beats and hardcore attitude the 'breaks the unbreakable' vinyl drops four tracks without remorse. Deep atmosphere, high pace and tight edits mark this release from start to end. With 'Afraid' and 'Something stronger' holding up the a side of the vinyl, 'Battle on LV-426' (already featured on the Demolition 8 CD) and 'Centrifuge' dominate the flip-side. As a special feature the first limited batch of records are pressed on pure red vinyl. Repressing continues in black. The warning is out there' now act like it.


A1. The DJ Producer - Afraid
A2. The DJ Producer - Something stronger (fine day mix)
B1. The DJ Producer - Battle on LV-426
B2. The DJ Producer - Centrifuge

T3RDM0121 | format: 12 inch

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