Cluster 02

Cluster 02

Tommy Pulse

Tommy Pulse uncovers a hidden batch of melodic work with the second Cluster release at Stealth Industries. Cluster 02, a varied batch of beats. The outcome of Pulse free-styling with his self-coded soft-synths during dark hours in the studio. From the melancholic sounding 'Losing you' and 'Revolution' to the typical beat and sample use in 'America', Pulse shows up again with a nasty touch. The sweeter the sound, the bitter the impact. Adding a side of mystery, Trojan.exe returns to STIND with 'Ayahuasca'. Side to side with Pulse, the two producers deliver a solid follow-up to the Stealth legacy with this packed set of melody.


01. Trojan.exe & Tommy Pulse - Ayahuasca
02. Tommy Pulse - Revolution
03. Tommy Pulse - Losing my best friend
04. Tommy Pulse - America

STIND015 | format: Digital

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