Collaborations Part 1

Collaborations Part 1


The kick-drum shattering result of hardcore forces in sync! Collaborations Part 1 delivers N-Vitral, plus 1. Times 2! Teaming up with Igneon System and Triax, 2 tracks have been created to kick, smash and roundhouse speakers into oblivion.

Jump the f@#_ up! Get those sneakers moving with this all-you-can-hear buffet of hardcore kicks. Combining studio skills with the heretic that is Igneon System, N-Vitral ships a perfect example of what a true hardcore track is capable of. Big kicks, sweet distortion and a nervous amount of beats per minute. Oh filthy loudness, take me down! On the flipside, N-Vitral gathered with Triax for 'The reaper'. Mid-tempo malice, packing crunch, big kicks and darkness on all kinds of levels. This horror about to unfold grabs you by the neck and drags you towards the speakers. Face first! Midnight can make you paranoid. And with beats like these, you know you're in for some damage!

Collaborations Part 1 does as needed. It delivers! Featuring Igneon System and Triax, N-Vitral created a new kind of buzz. From sketch to delivery, solid hardcore has been the focus. Tunes crafted to harvest terror. No frequencies left behind. So stop reading and kick up the volume now!


01. Jump The F@#* Up (feat. Igneon System)
02. The Reaper (feat. Triax)

T3RDM0225 | format: digital

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