Collaborations Part 2

Collaborations Part 2


The collaborations return! And this release does as advertised: kick-drum driven destruction, come and get some. N-Vitral presents: Collaborations Part 2. Featuring tracks with Sei2ure and Tymon, you can trust the warning labels on this package. Loud!

Brace for impact. Like a handbrake pulled all of a sudden, 'Noise pumper' will get you and everybody out there in a spin. Sei2ure and N-Vitral have something loud coming for you. When this tune hits, all bets are off. Crispy edits, tight production and huge, huge kicks to deliver new peaks of hardcore insanity. A perfect example of two forces gathering in strength. Noise pumper! On the flipside, Tymon signed up for his declaration of 'Hardcore warfare'. It seems there's an upside to war after all, and this track delivers in style. Created together with N-Vitral, this mid-tempo hardcore track crushes what's left of your eardrums. As the kick sets in, all intentions are clear: carnage!

The collaborations have done it again. Part 2 presents a pair of next level hardcore tunes surrounding the studio skills of N-Vitral. Featuring a certified hardcore demolition crew that go by the names of Sei2ure and Tymon, N-Vitral has reached a new high. If this is the path set, we can only be afraid of what's ahead!


01. Noise Pumper (feat. Sei2ure)
02. Hardcore Warfare (feat. Tymon)

T3RDM0240 | format: digital

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