Comin' through raw

Comin' through raw


Prepare to step up. D-Passion bringing the rage, Comin' Through Raw! Nothing will stand in the way of these beats, this is hardcore without limits. No borders, no rules, just powerful kicks and fresh hooks. An album full!

No need to count to 10 after this confrontation, this knock-out is imminent. Featuring track 1 to 9, Comin' Through Raw takes you by a head-kick. You knew it was coming and still the impact surprises on the spot. Including co-ops with Ophidian and Promo plus rock-solid remixes by DJIPE and OMI, there's lots to discover. Big kicks, distorted synth melodies and some true D-Passion style sampling. Redefining the D in distortion, Mr. Passion manages to keep his sound raw and recognisable. No imitations excepted.

D-Passion's Comin' Through Raw is an album for the freaks, the die-hards, the guys and girls who dance 'til early in the morning. The hardcore massive!


01. Distortionation (feat Ophidian)
02. Reanimate
03. Comin' Through Raw
04. Blow The Fuck Up
05. Searching For Tomorrow (OMI Remix)
06. The Point Of No Return
07. Rebel On Another Level (feat Promo)
08. Infection (DJIPE Remix)
09. Richtingloze Teringherrie

T3RDM0251 | format: CD + digital

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