Concrete Combat

Concrete Combat


The loudest threat to counter and certain to hit head first, Promo - Concrete combat. A diverse drop of hardcore beats ranging from dynamic kicks and snares to melody and all aspects in between. 'Vooral niet te moeilijk', 'Hunger', 'Welcome to the terrordome' and the title-track combine into a set of solid definitions representing Promo's ongoing hardcore drive. Dive deep into beats or use them as tools of dance-floor destruction! As the third and final release in a chain of 'tegengeluid' artwork, this completes a set of Third Movement driven hardcore tunes by none other than the originator himself: Promo.


A1 Promo - Vooral niet te moeilijk
A2 Promo - Hunger
B1 Promo - Welcome to the terrordome
B2 Promo - Concrete combat

T3RDM0165 | format: 12 inch

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