Core Differentials EP

Core Differentials EP


Say hello to the hardcore confrontation. Put up those horns for the Core Differentials EP by DJIPE! Packing some serious punch and up-tempo hardcore kicks, DJIPE drops an EP full of ear-candy. The distorted ones!

'Beatdown' is the track to follow as this EP takes on full power. Beating it down, kick after kick. Watch out for the impact and hear those drums go! Left, right. Take that! 'Hood shit' returns to the street with its old-school breaks. Featuring a dark sound and drones all-around, this one pulls you right out of the matrix. Step into this world. Brap! A funk breakcore fest in effect. This is a great crossover beat to get feet moving and hood rats bouncing their heads. 'Infest' shakes things up and gets industrial as can be. With sounds sharp as steel, these cuts are about to infect. DJIPE takes samples in the most rotten of hardcore edits; you'll recognize them like a silhouette in the fog, but up close things get serious as a heart-attack. Adrenaline rush! The hardcore underground is at it again. Breathing vitality and a never-ending urge to shock, these tracks have risen from the darkness to take a stand. So what's it going to be, 'Exile or death'?

No one was asking, but this DJIPE release is a definition; next level hardcore sounds a little something like this! Four up-tempo tracks, each with its own blend of creativity. The Core Differentials EP will stick in your playlist for a long time.


01. Beatdown
02. Hood Shit
03. Infest
04. Exile or Death

T3RDM0238 | format: digital

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