Dancefloor hardcore - Promofile classic 001

Dancefloor hardcore - Promofile classic 001


The file that began it all, 'Dancefloor hardcore'. Originally released back in 1998 this release made quite an impression at the huge raves it was played at. The title track is featured both in the original mix as well as the slightly darker hard anthem mix. The b-side features a change from the normal: 'X-termination', an alternative approach to atmosphere and energy in a hardcore track, and 'Random response' a techno track with a superb feeling of rhythm produced into it.


A1. Promo - Dancefloor hardcore
A2. Promo - Dancefloor hardcore (hard anthem mix)
B1. Promo - X-Termination
B2. Promo - Random response

T3RDM0081 | format: 12 inch

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