Data recovery

Data recovery


The finest collection of D-Passion hardcore beats: Data recovery. Tooled back from the distorted clusters of Rik Gieling's studio, this array of his best work delivers the sound that has claimed its spot in the scene. 12 full-length tracks that have set Rik apart from the mass. A milestone marking 7 years of determination and creativity. Added mayhem comes in the form of 2 brand new tracks. Opening up the door to the imminent future, 'Straight in your face' and 'Future-proof' set the tone. Melodic, distorted and strangely accessible.


01. What's going on?
02. Put things right
03. Fuck the free world
04. People of faith
05. Designed to fail
06. Straight in your face
07. Blacklist amok
08. Realism
09. Infection
10. Change history
11. Unstoppable
12. This is the day
13. Take the risk (feat. Mad Dog)
14. Future-proof

T3RDM0159 | format: CD

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