Dead Rhythms

Dead Rhythms


Dead rhythms: German grundlichkeit designed and programmed by X-Tension. Consisting of Thomas Nordmann and Stormtrooper, X-Tension is the alter ego of two great producers in their own right. As X-Tension they combine their unique styles into a fusion of techno and hardcore beats. Dead girls on the playground is as hard techno as they get: driving percussion and fierce kicks. The innocent sounding bells in 'Dead girls on the playground' are only a distraction of the real nature of this track: a little doomy, yet running close to hardcore in full effect. Waldhaus redid 'Dead girls on the playground' to give the track a second thrust: hard techno style! The 'Waldhaus' remix updates the melody to an distinct climax, with a steady kick keeping the pace intense. The two tracks covering the b-side take on a slightly different approach. Adding a different sound to the release, the funk and the sampled get their share of rotation time with 'No soul no brain' and 'Hearttek'.


A1. X-Tension - Dead girls on the playground
A2. X-Tension - Dead girls on the playground (Waldhaus remix)
B1. X-Tension - No soul no brain
B2. X-Tension - Hearttek

MIM010 | format: 12 inch

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