Deceive the world to rule the planet

Deceive the world to rule the planet

Void Settler & Labyrinth

Void Settler / Labyrinth - a 2 x 12" album from our new artist, Djarvi Moris. Djarvi uses 2 names as a producer: 'Void Settler' for his harder productions and 'Labyrinth' for the more ambient experimental stuff. Be prepared for this debut album! This release is the perfect crossover between Armageddon Project and Aphex Twin.


A1. Void Settler - Augmented Morbid Plane Rehearsal
A2. Void Settler - Proceed Manually
A3. Void Settler - Another particle accelerator starts reminiscing about lost glory
B1. Void Settler - Illicit Angst
B2. Void Settler - Amphibious Lemonade Strangling
B3. Void Settler - Flabby context backache tourist
C1. Labyrinth - The beginning (Lands lost who rule this world)
C2. Labyrinth - Demise of the Living/Departure of the dead
C3. Labyrinth - Interval#1 (Stereotypical Point & Proof)
C4. Labyrinth - Miners worship the darkness embedding their soul
D1. Labyrinth - Interval#2 (No hatred amongst our kind)
D2. Labyrinth - MC Hammer's local crud machine
D3. Labyrinth - The End (Aggravated shoeshine assault)
D4. Labyrinth - Indelible tranquil stairway from a looped mustard fabric

T3RDM0031 | format: Album (2x12 inch)

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