DEDICAT3D - A history lesson

DEDICAT3D - A history lesson

The DJ Producer

What better way to experience 10 years of waveform manipulation: DEDICAT3D - The DJ Producer! 24 tracks, mixed with Ableton Live, delivering a high speed ride through The DJ Producers' ever growing list of productions. Based on his notorious live act, this mix-cd delivers the up close & radical view into years of UK hardcore madness. You know the score: up tempo, breakbeats and smooth round kicks to guide the crowd into ecstasy. Featuring additional edits, distortions and unreleased material, this cd delivers a fresh angle to so many tracks which already proved themselves. You have never heard them like this! Coming straight out of the darkroom laboratory in Bath, UK this 'history lesson' is a crucial mix which any follower should experience!


01. Luke McMillan - Darken
02. The DJ Producer - That guitar track (freestyle abuse)
03. The DJ Producer - Doomsday mechaniks
04. The DJ Producer - A journey of force
05. The DJ Producer - The signal: the final
06. The DJ Producer - The signal 2007 (Producer's weird energy mix)
07. The DJ Producer - Witch hunt
08. The DJ Producer - Last man standing
09. The DJ Producer - Noise annoyz
10. The DJ Producer - What I'm talking about
11. The DJ Producer & DJ Promo - Mark of high renown
12. Double Face - Monkeys revenge (The DJ Producer urban distress signal)
13. Stormtrooper - Existenz (The DJ Producer Existential Reburn)
14. Drokz - What we started will not end (The DJ Producer VIP Mix)
15. The DJ Producer - Afraid
16. The DJ Producer - Tension sexuelle
17. The DJ Producer - Something stronger (fine day mix)
18. The DJ Producer - Emotional blackmail
19. The DJ Producer - The last great overdose
20. The DJ Producer - Megamix 666
21. The DJ Producer - B Boy brutality (UK reprobate beats this)
22. The DJ Producer - The true creators part 2
23. The DJ Producer - The kickdrum kamikaze
24. The DJ Producer - Out of control (huge spaced arena remix)

T3RDM0133 | format: CD mixed

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