Demolition 10, the vinyl

Demolition 10, the vinyl


The ravage continues with Demolition 10, the vinyl sampler! Including a broad range of hardcore tracks by Promo, D-Passion and N-Vitral. Following up on the great impression of 'The tablet' Promo continues his story-telling vibe with a brand new track. Analysis and deep atmosphere are the build-up to outstanding climaxes with state-of-the-art melody! The b-side contains tracks by two artists which are definitely carved out of the hardest of TTM wood. Self-made is a perfect example of the typical hardcore sound by D-Passion. Recognizable and at all times party-minded! The darkest experiments from this collection of Demolition beats come from N-Vitral and his 'Defliction' production: complicated at first but ever so driving in a hard industrial tech kind of way. Like the wide range of animals and plants the forests once held, this Demolition vinyl sampler continues the ravage in a broad and foremost loud fashion!


A1. Promo - The grower
A2. Promo - Beyond the grower
B1. D-Passion - Self-made
B2. N-Vitral - Defliction

T3RDM0141 | format: 12 inch

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