Demolition 6, the vinyl

Demolition 6, the vinyl


The Demolition Part 6 vinyl sampler features four broad ranged tracks, produced by the leading artists of The Third Movement. Introducing the evolving vibe are Promo and D-Passion with their 'Next level' encounter, pushing edgy sounds and loud patterns. The danceable 'Voice of power' by T-Junction featuring MC Syco, provides a fresh new anthem for the Hardcore crowds. Two alternative approaches to the consequence of Demolition take the b-side: Peaky Pounder's 'Vasaran' introduces an alternative hook enclosing his already addictive sound. While 'My Gopyrn' is the heavy hitting return from N-Vitral. Combining industrial elements with hardcore experiments this b-side makes a loud statement that ensures Demolition at sonic levels.


A1. D-Passion & Promo - The next level
A2. T-Junction & MC Syco - The voice of power
B1. Peaky Pounder - Vasaran
B2. N-Vitral - My gopyrn

T3RDM0089 | format: 12 inch

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