Demolition 9, the vinyl

Demolition 9, the vinyl


Every Demolition to date delivered a vinyl sampler, and part 9 is no exception! Demolition 9 on vinyl presents 4 tracks by some of TTMs' finest producers. With Promo, D-Passion, Peaky Pounder and Micron delivering 4 massive tracks, no person can go wrong with this piece of vinyl. Packed with turbulence and all other kinds of storm ferocity's! One side more accessible, the other dirty and rough this sampler represent the latest works by Promo (taking his sound to a different level in 'stand and deliver'), D-Passion demonstrating his 5 minutes of 'cause and effect' and Peaky Pounder who took some time alone with the distortion device. Finishing of the vinyl is a new remix of Microns' Superhuman by Micron himself. Filtered with patented 'Zeta Reticulan Technology', this remix delivers a pumped up and tightly edited interpretation to the original.


A1. Promo - Stand and deliver
A2. D-Passion - Cause and effect
B1. Peaky Pounder - Runko
B2. Micron - Superhuman (Zeta Reticulan Technology remix)

T3RDM0131 | format: 12 inch

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