Different things EP

Different things EP


Different things EP by Wavolizer, a debut at The Third Movement as well as a break from the norm. Fittingly titled, Wavolizer sheds of his skin and drops a sharp-edged industrial hardcore release ready for the punch.

Wavolizer immediately makes his statement. Moving into darkness, 'Broken past' gains in intensity while getting dirtier by the kick. Edgy and subtle, hints of melody thrive throughout the patterns of demolition. Keeping the beats danceable and the atmosphere gloomy, Wavolizer keeps you tied to the dance-floor. Jumping from one sound to the other, these tunes represent a strong urge to experiment. Stay alert. Stay focused. 'Different things' are at hand! Deep and unsuspecting, this harmony will drag you into delirium. Stepping away from the subtle twists and turns, 'The unreliable' featuring Mi'A starts off with a nice low tempo. Giving all the space to distorted kicks will definitely get the room vibrating. Literally, as bass drums keep echoing of the wall. A horror about to unfold, the breakdown delivers chills of the unsuspected. And then suddenly, that feared double kick-drum drops in and transform the subtle track into full chaos. An up-tempo beast of hardcore! A trip along a cold barren landscape gone awfully wrong.

Something different indeed! Wavolizer has set his target on industrial hardcore, and it shows! Surprising friend and foe with the Different Things EP, these beats come as creative as they go. Full of energy, diverse and peaking in subtlety, this is next-level hardcore rawness!


01. Broken Past
02. Different Things
03. The Unreliable (feat. Mi'A)

T3RDM0239 | format: digital

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