Disfunction EP

Disfunction EP


With something to feast on for everybody, Sei2ure delivers an EP big and loud: Disfunction! Bearing true hardcore style, this pitch black glimpse of the future is an industrial haven. So let¿s celebrate the sound of tomorrow and press play now.

Kick drum fanatics, beware! This is `Massive on the bass'. As the MC tricks you into dancefloor surprise, you know Sei2ure is up to something. Bassline! Crossbreed tempo, thick snare drums and catchy vocals. There's your hook, now lure `em in! `Disfunction' packs a bittersweet collection of chaos and effect. A tune ready to confront the exhausted. Out of control. Energy replenished! So `Come and play' and see where this trip through darkness ends. Still standing? Good. Have a go with `The future is digital'. A dystopian view on software driven evolution. Showing some 8-bit love, this melody is certainly something. A track to give it your all. Don't fear the lights, fear the darkness.

Sei2ure has a knack to with tinker with percussion, and at BPM's ranging from 175 to 200 there's little room for error. The result, a huge EP. Great skill, even greater tracks. There's your sound, this is Disfunction by Sei2ure.


01. Massive On The Bass
02. Disfunction
03. Come And Play
04. The Future Is Digital

T3RDM0252 | format: Digital

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