Disfunctional Pattern

Disfunctional Pattern

Densha Crisis

With the light of day in sight, Densha Crisis continues to taunt the damned. Bringing a mixture of steady kicks and considerable distortion to the table, this is the Disfunctional Pattern EP!

Capturing the Densha sound as it constantly evolves, 'No other choice', 'Disfunctional Pattern' and 'Dissonance' deliver the next episode. The latest chapter in a never-ending story that's unfolding right before your ears. Like an electronic beast growing bigger and bigger, Densha Crisis is determined to create. To haunt and tease. Expect a spectrum of sounds thrown at you from all directions. Featuring rock-solid kicks and thrilling atmospheres, Densha Crisis is out to disrupt. So join the carnage and watch evolution take place. Welcome to the realm of industrial hardcore!

As patterns mix and merge, Densha Crisis has created a pure and dark form of decay. Disfunctional Pattern is the epic of malfunction, the acoustic of industrial hardcore. A sound you've got to appreciate!


01. No other choice
02. Disfunctional Pattern
03. Dissonance

T3RDM0262 | format: digital

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