Dispel the darkness

Dispel the darkness


D-Passion brings attitude with Dispel the darkness. Once the kick sets in, no one can deny: this is pure analog 909 hardcore adrenalin. Stay sharp and brace yourselves, walls are closing in. Brought by a haunting voice, this solid track hits like an unexpected kick in the face. Drums ruling
bass frequencies and rhythms full of energy. The perfect recipe to crumble the blackout and ramp up melody.

$ellout ! an intense track to introduce a pack of brand new hardcore beats at The Third Movement! Dark and smashing patterns deliver a nervous atmosphere, driven by tense synths piling up into the distorted spaces between kicks and crashes. The result: an anthem to beat rejection, negativity or that bitter feeling of deception. Break from the norm, free yourself!

A touch of nostalgia reinforced with loud kicks, the ultimate combo that delivers in 'Good memories'. Ready to capture playlists, this track will hook itself in your mindset and reveal the multitude of layers 2012 hardcore has

A strong production brought with confidence, packed throughout with that typical sound that is D-Passion. Now dance...


01. D-Passion - Dispel the darkness
02. D-Passion - $ellout
03. D-Passion - Good memories

T3RDM0195 | format: digital, 12inch

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