Divine Ignorance - r_AW 008

Divine Ignorance - r_AW 008

Amok & Rude Awakening

Strictly driven by intuition: the Divine ignorance EP by Rude Awakening and Amok! Being the first release to welcome a guest on the r_AW label, the 8th Rude Awakening vinyl is definitely something special. An exercise in everything hard and techno, 12 inches of black vinyl techno-ism to feast your ears on. Expect German influenced beats, raw and ready to rock the floors to ultimatum. A little industrial here and there, yet still maintaining that pure techno drive for which Amok is known for.


A1. DJ Amok & Rude Awakening - Divine ignorance
A2. DJ Amok & Rude Awakening - Lack of respect
B1. DJ Amok & Rude Awakening - The crossover
B2. DJ Amok - An exercise in distortion

T3RDM0115 | format: 12 inch

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