Driven by instinct - Promofile classic 004

Driven by instinct - Promofile classic 004


Starting of with 'Guns 'n ammo', Promo File 4 continued to become even more energetic: loud synth-lines and compressed File kicks, all mixed up to create the extreme form of industrial hardcore. The b-side of this File is pressed with 'Up yours!' Based on a familiar melody, this easing track shattered both dj sets styling hardcore and other forms of hard dance. 'First pulse' is a hard techno track, giving away a funk that mixes up quite nicely in both techno and crossover hardcore sets.


A1. Promo - Guns 'n ammo (under construction mix)
A2. Promo - Driven by instinct
B1. Promo - Up yours !
B2. Promo - First pulse

T3RDM0084 | format: 12 inch

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