Dropping beats

Dropping beats


Artillery, set. Percussion, live. Target, locked. Fire! Dropping beats, Ruffryder is in effect! Delivering his second EP, one of The Movement's latest hardcore signings has been over-productive in his studio. Out comes the result, a brand new four tracker programmed to move and hit-test eardrums.

Featuring a title track packed with rolling kicks and screaming FX there's simply not much to describe: just play it out loud and experience the beats dropped in awe.

With a continues drive, this Ruffryder track just keeps on moving, beating down pattern after pattern. 'Know how 2 ryde' follows up closely with melody and build-ups counting down to the always imminent launch of more kicks.

The torment continues with 'Smackdown', wrestling its way from silence to kick inflicted pleasures that is pain.

Out of rhythmic anarchy comes 'The Truth', with its sudden breakdown into an almost serene silence, before returning back into energy mayhem. Indeed, f*ck the truth!

Once the dust has faded away, the damage left is a sure sign of the clear impact that is Ruffryder. Drop 'em!


01. Ruffryder - Dropping beats
02. Ruffryder - Know how 2 ryde
03. Ruffryder - Smackdown
04. Ruffryder - The truth

T3RDM0197 | format: digital

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