Engines of Creation

Engines of Creation


Hardcore techno as the oil to keep the machine running. The Third Movement presents 'Engines of creation', the first solo album by Deathmachine. Driven by a healthy dose of perfectionism this album redefines the Deathmachine sound without losing its edge. A crossover hardcore trip!
Known to have a trick or two up his sleeve, Deathmachine never ceases to amaze. Now take that expectation and triple it into album form: the Engines of creation are set! Once the spark ignites and cogs start turning this machine is moving in every direction but backwards. Forward attitude, hardcore techno style. On the task to create Stef Eyre gave his all, and it shows. Joined by total freedom and a full hour to draw out his ideas, the Engines sounds run deep and hard. A dance-floor driven machine capable of speed and destruction. Darkness in essence, hardcore in impact. Engineered to impress, the album packs a total of 12 tracks featuring a high tech vibe ready to explode. Deathmachine grabbed all kick-drums at hand and rearranged them into clear cut hardcore tunes. There's a lot to discover as this drive starts to take sudden turns. Tempo goes up, genres get blended. Roaring loud and aggressive, the machine takes its toll. Nothing's safe as this deadly cycle of events take shape. Chaos. Noise, in every positive essence of the word. Unveiled and buffed to shine, 'Engines of creation' delivers the goods.
Like on a good road trip, don't be surprised when you'll catch yourself hitting the increase volume button every now and then. This just gets better and more intense by the track. Solid industrial hardcore by Deathmachine, these 'Engines of creation'!


01. Our Introduction (to technology)
02. Artificial Genesis
03. Noise In Us
04. Introspective Future
05. Consume & Regenerate
06. The Question
07. Sectioned
08. Unnatural Selection
09. Modify
10. Circadian Reboot
11. Deadly Cycle
12. Beyond Comprehension

T3RDM0216 | format: CD + Digital bundle

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