Entropy EP

Entropy EP


Dance down destruction lane with OMI's Entropy EP! Let's picture that bittersweet Spanish hardcore sound, all mangled up by the dirty cogs of the hardcore apparatus. See? Now you've got a rough sketch of what's coming at you!

The title track defines itself by a subtle yet strong melody, offering a feeling that everything is about to go wrong. So after the breakdown had its momentum, its just that. `Entropy', come on! And while the insanity is at its peak, let's look up. Up into the `Sky'. OMI and Broken Minds translated a vibe of hope and longing into a track strong like the wind. Let's set this stage on fire. Let's light up in flames! Every release needs its jawbreaker and you only need one count to hear where `Let's go' is going. Straight down the
middle! Clear and focussed, this track grabs you by the collar and drags you down to the dancefloor. So put those hands up. Unleash that energy! Remember `Angelous'? Well Promo received the opportunity to give it a twist. Literally. Listen as TTM's master takes on OMI's track with hardcore elegance. Delivering a dark, but most of all hardcore remix, Angelous never sounded this loud before!

The hardcore massive won't know what hit `em, when the Entropy EP is unleashed. So make your pick, and fire any of these 4 OMI tracks straight down the dancefloor. Lean back and watch the madness unfold!


01. Entropy
02. Open to the sky (feat. Broken Minds)
03. Let's go
04. Angelous (Promo remix)

T3RDM0248 | format: Digital

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