Evolution 4 A.M.

Evolution 4 A.M.


Dawn of a new era' is install for all' This EP features 4 brilliant tracks, An inspirational voyage! The A-side was included on the previously released r_AW Essential mix 04. Featuring 'Venelo' a cruisy crisp tune, perfect the dance floor. Followed by 'Evolution 4am' enforced by beat control and roughness.'The B-side fresh out of the studio holds its own with 2 alternative tracks, 'Soul Scars' and 'Dawn of a new era'.


A1. Life:::Runs:::Red - Veleno
A2. Life:::Runs:::Red - Evolution 4 A.M.
B1. Life:::Runs:::Red - Soul scars
B2. Life:::Runs:::Red - Dawn of a new era

IM008 | format: 12 inch

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