For a Master

For a Master


Acrosome's, For a Master is the culmination of many night's hate and toil. The synth sounds are reminiscent of early industrial bands such as Klinik or Skinny Puppy. However, this edge has been sharpened against the duo's experience with hardcore (The Horrorist) and darkwave (think Terence Fixmer and Al Ferox). Subsequently the arrangements are slick and the beats are on the far side of massive. The message is clear: The World is out of Control and Needs a Master. Define your world, know your limits, accept your master: Acrosome !


A1. Acrosome - For a master
A2. Acrosome - Wake up America
B1. Acrosome - Unstoppable lies
B2. Acrosome - Running on the wheel

IM003 | format: 12 inch

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