For the land unseen - r_AW 005

For the land unseen - r_AW 005

Rude Awakening

Last summer, Rude Awakening's 'Forward observer' album made quite the impact with it's cutting edge of hard techno and industrial noise. First release in the series of the new r_AW vinyl, is now due: 'For the land unseen'! The fifth r_AW vinyl contains a total of 5 tracks, including two dj-proof 12" mixes of 'Forward observer' and 'Sprinkling gunpowder'. With it's uplifting and full-on energy boosting sound, this release will surely make an impact in both the hard techno and the industrial hardcore scenes.


A1. Rude Awakening - For the land unseen
A2. Rude Awakening - Forward observer (12'' mix)
A3. Rude Awakening - What have I left undone?
B1. Rude Awakening - Sprinkling gunpowder (12'' mix)
B2. Rude Awakening - Give it to you r_AW

T3RDM0087 | format: 12 inch

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