Forward Observer

Forward Observer

Rude Awakening

This release features 13 genuine tracks, in all Rude Awakening styles you can imagine and more. A number of tracks being brand new, 'fresh out of the studio. Prepare for the ultimate combination of funked up tweaks, heavy kicks, deep dark emotional breaks, combined with the cutting edge of hard techno and industrial noise. This is certainly a diverse and unique album that is sure to receive high gratification. 'Just the way the devil had planned it!' Included with the album is the Rude Awakening DVD! Containing an insightful interview with the man himself, speaking about his view and approach in today's scene and the concept behind Rude Awakening.


01. For the land unseen
02. Sprinkling gunpowder
03. False sense of security
04. Give it to you r_AW
05. Forward observer
06. Confrontation
07. Rude manners for a rude planet
08. I like it r_AW
09. What have I left undone?
10. Lecture on progress
11. Anything but ordinary
12. r_AW and uncut
13. Hummerstuntin'

Take a trip back in time and experience the rise of Rude Awakening up close: 'Forward observer'. Containing never seen before footage from events such as Mysteryland 2002, Club r_AW and other, recreating the vibe in relation to experimental hard techno.
Trailer: click here (mpg, 15.8 mb).
DVD features:
Region: 0 (World).
Aspect ratio: 16:9.
Run time: Approx. 50 minutes.
Available audio tracks: Dutch (Dolby 2.0), Dutch, no commentary (Dolby 2.0).
Subtitles: English.

T3RDM0050 | format: CD+DVD

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