Fragments of the future

Fragments of the future

Rude Awakening

Already downloaded! The rather exclusive CD edition of 'Fragments of the future' is handed out to each and every one visitor of Club r_AW, June 21st 2008. Including free CD-R, Rude Awakening thanks you for not buying his album! On the disc you'll find the complete 'Fragments of the future' trip along paths of distortion and broken beats as well as two known tracks to mark the recent sound of r_AW. As a scene first tickets for this events included entrance and the brand new album, with a twist! The ultimate (after) party souvenir.


01. Always differently than the rest
02. My death lies with you
03. Memory loss
04. Count your blessings
05. Riding dirty
06. Step into the light
07. Wishful thinking
08. Satanic influences
09. The forward escape hatch
10. Vive la France
11. r_AW funk
12. The silent boatman
13. Wide awake (feat. Amok)
14. Do you feel the awakening?
15. Icon of technology
16. War on teckno (the kaoz theory)

T3RDM0144 | format: CD

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