Fragments of the future

Fragments of the future

Rude Awakening

Make a halt, drop any preconceptions and take a trip into times to come with 'Fragments of the future', the new Rude Awakening album. Developing a unique dark crossover sound which links to industrial as much as it does to techno and breaks, Rude Awakening has been shaking up the genre for some time now. Now the next move is here! With four sides of electronic experiments and dance-floor trips, there's also a definitive listeners side to this release. When played at high volume, crowds are surely lured in to follow the energy unleashed. Yet, the more thorough listener will also find a new level of audio beneath the percussion and bass. Totaling at 14 tracks, 'Fragments of the future' is a futuristic trip driven by broken beat-loops and techno intensity. Indeed fragments of the future are here to be witnessed!


A1. Rude Awakening - Always differently than the rest
A2. Rude Awakening - My death lies with you
A3. Rude Awakening - Memory loss
A4. Rude Awakening - Count your blessings
B1. Rude Awakening - Riding dirty
B2. Rude Awakening - Step into the light
B3. Rude Awakening - Wishful thinking
C1. Rude Awakening - Satanic influences
C2. Rude Awakening - The forward escape hatch
C3. Rude Awakening - Vive la france
C4. Rude Awakening - r_AW funk
D1. Rude Awakening - The silent boatman
D2. DJ Amok & Rude Awakening - Wide awake
D3. Rude Awakening - Do you feel the awakening?

T3RDM0145 | format: Album (2x12 inch)

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