Gangster mentality

Gangster mentality

T-Junction & Alex B

If you prefer loud kicks, tight melodies and unmistakable vocals then you certainly can't go wrong with this bet! T-Junction & Alex B team up for: 'Gangster mentality'! A sound 4 tracker featuring the notorious co-ops by the guys as well as 2 solo tracks. If you've been paying attention to the dance-floor you might have heard a glimpse of these tracks already. When producers team up you never know what might happen, yet Alex B and T-Junction matched each-other perfectly in skill and perception. Representing a strong hand with the title track, 'I declare war', T-Junctions' appealing 'Invincible' and 'Backmasking' by Alex B you know you've got the game under control. All in, no folds allowed!


A1. Alex B & T-Junction - I declare war
A2. T-Junction - Invincible
B1. Alex B & T-Junction - Gangster mentality
B2. Alex B - Backmasking (Born in the game)

T3RDM0142 | format: 12 inch

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