Hammer Dance (Ft. MC Focus)

Hammer Dance (Ft. MC Focus)

N-Vitral & Dither

This is the Hammer Dance! The crushing result of N-Vitral, Dither and MC Focus teaming up. Hardcore, you're not ready for this. How about a track that delivers a blow? A track that gets the crowd going? This is the only tool you'll ever need, this is the Hammer Dance! The powerful combination of N-Vitral and Dither, backed up by MC Focus. We're talking destruction to create. From head to handle, this sledge hammer is ready to bring the damage. Make sure you're not the nail as this banger hits. It's time to rough up your day. Swing, bam! Hit or miss. Hammer Dance breaks the norm with a toughness only N-Vitral and Dither can handle. Use it wisely!


01. Hammer Dance (Ft. MC Focus)

T3RDM0303 | Digital

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