The unmistakably named Hatebusters from Spain deliver a banging EP for The Third Movement: Hardcelona! Southern Europe kicking it like no other. Capturing the essence of hardcore with their productions, the hardness is ready to hit the speakers.

Fierce hardcore: high in tempo, dark in engineering. Malry and Morgan build these tracks from ground up with one focus in mind: hardcore dedication. Right out of the studio, ready for dance-floor consumption. That's right, straight from Barcelona a.k.a. 'Hardcelona', this duo has some tricks up their sleeve. An hardcore ode to the city they were born for starters, featuring the vocal skills of Nina. Not showing any signs of slowing down, 'The dream' is closer each kick after the other. The 'Gods of fear' have got nothing on these guys as they slowly 'Consume your soul'. With room for breakdowns and tight sampling, kick drums get all the space they need. O.k., let's go!

Fans of straight-on hardcore sounds with a twist are up for a real treat. The Hatebusters give out a strong warning with this one: hardcore espaņoles is the new direction!


1. Hardcelona (feat. Nina)
2. The Dream
3. Gods of fear
4. Consume your soul

T3RDM0207 | format: digital

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