It's true what they say about sequels: everything's bigger and better! As Omi proves by presenting his second EP at The Third Movement: Hardmony! The delicate balance between good and evil, soft and loud, subtle goose bumps and bone wrecking drums.
Nothing short of total impact, these 2 hardcore tracks have been produced into perfection to deliver energy, euphoria and pure audio ecstasy. En Espaņol! So expect some passion in melodic form. The breakdown in 'Hardmony' is sure to capture that nightly atmosphere, feeling completely in tune with the crowd. 'Immune' takes a different approach to boosting rave morale. A bit rougher, a bit more loco: pumping beats through-out the track, bridging the gap between stopping for a drink at the bar and dancing your fucking ass off.
Omi outdid himself with the Hardmony EP, and now it's up to the speakers to take this sweet punishment. Let 'em bang!


1. Omi - Hardmony
2. Omi - Immune

T3RDM0190 | format: 12inch

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