Here it comes

Here it comes


Hardcore that's massive, loud and doesn't fear a little bit of tempo, can we ever get enough of that? Hell no! So brace for impact. Here's eDUB, premiering his first EP at The Third Movement, Here it comes!'

'Small e, capital D U B. Residing in the hot and heavy that is Spain, eDUB's temperament gets its power from the inevitable clash of hardcore and drum n' bass. Packed with 4 tracks, the Here it comes EP is a demonstration of focus. Of skill to delve deep into the core of a genre and abuse the hell out of it. ' Here it comes', ' 1 ,2 Hakken', 'Industrial Machinery' and 'Here is the Coke' bring the meds. Uplifting and uptempo. Dropping kicks from first beat to fade out, eDUB gives his sound an unstoppable energy. So get your feet on moving and/or nod your head. You know things are going to get crazy in here!

A batch of brand new tunes, is there really a better way to close the year twenty 16?! New to the label, familiar to the game: this is eDUB. Your daily dose of vitamin H. Devour twice a day or O.D. if prescribed, see where the eDUB sound will take you!


1. Here It Comes
2. 1,2 Hakken
3. Industrial Machinery
4. Where Is The Coke

T3RDM0270 | format: digital

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