In the Quest

In the Quest


The divine experience that is a two-sided release! The Third Movement presents OMI: 'In the quest', featuring up-beat hardcore to deliver dance-floor euphoria.
'In the quest' for the extraordinary, OMI drops a track full of surprises. A little more melancólico than its counterpart, with distorted kicks and edits to spice things up. At the same time the melody gives this track a big anthem-like vibe. Ideal for those high-impact sound systems to blast or simply a track to lay down on your headphones during a grim weekend night. Sweet hardcore kicks, synth overtime! When 'Angelous' hits her notes, strings kick in and out of nowhere tranquility dominates the break. OMI keeps his sound big, with lots of effect and melody hitting the space. Tightly placed piano notes give this track a hook to build on, and controlled chaos delivers the rest. Perfecto!
OMI's skill with composition definitely pays off with this release. A quality hardcore selection. If you dig the melodic side of hardcore, these two tracks are yours to discover!


1. Omi - Angelous
2. Omi - In the Quest

T3RDM0210 | format: digital

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